Widowhood Season 8.12: All the pathos you can keep

The King of Rock and Roll, Prefab Sprout, Two Weels Good/Steve McQueen

Ah, yes, Prefab Sprout, some rather find britpop, if I may say so. Vaguely remember when Kevin played their stuff for me for the first time. I’m pretty sure this song was one of the first ones. It was one of the most often played after that, for sure.

This song has the most unique chorus I’ve ever encountered:

Hot dog, jumping frog, Albuquerque

This song is why I’m known to use “Albuquerque” when it’s not appropriate to use profanity. (Multiple syllables help express the emotions without being impolite.)

Music was one of our love languages, is one thing I’d like you to infer from this series of posts. It was probably our favorite form of art, though a close second to moving picture media. I loved discovering new music through Kevin. He broadened my musical horizons in so many ways–progressive, jazz, 80’s brit pop, esoteric punk… I now have so much music that speaks to my soul than I did 27 years ago when I met him. Sometimes it’s a refuge, sometimes it’s a painful reminder, to borrow from Cpt. CE Winchester. 🙂

I really wanted to publish these once a day, but it didn’t work out that way. I kind of like that I’m spending tonight working on the rest to try to get them out before I go to bed tonight. I want to start spending 7/14 with my boyfriends, basking in the present, because I owe it directly to his death. I’d never have the life I have now if he was still alive, and I live with that bittersweet fact.

These are the high-precision ghosts I live with. Fortunately, I can keep my head in the present a lot better than I could 9 years ago tonight.

Yay, two left!

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