Widowhood Season 8.10: But There It Is

From the Beginning, ELP, Trilogy

I did hear this when I was away in college, thanks to a neighbor.

But then Kevin played it and said it was how he felt about me.

What girl could resist such great vocals . . . and those dreamy solos?

I wish I could say for sure that we danced to this song when we got back to our condo in Maui after getting married. I know I wanted this to be our “wedding dance”, but 23 years’ worth of bongloads and a whole range of feels makes me not quite remember for sure.

Yes, we were meant to be together. Yes, it was never going to always be ideal nor easy. Yes, there are “20/20 hindsight” decisions that can’t be unmade. So it’s best to leave them in the past and work towards a better future. Can’t tell you how many times I wish I could have avoided doing seemingly minor things that caused very dark days. Though I know now that I did nothing wrong at the time to merit much of it. (I tell ya, terrible pain causes people to lash out terribly.) Amour Fou, my friends. Learn from Tony Soprano and Gloria. Or at least acknowledge the human truth behind that relationship.

Yes, love does NOT have to be that way. In fact, a healthy relationship of any configuration shouldn’t be that way. Life isn’t some sort of soap opera or reality series. Life is what’s edited out of that content because it doesn’t support the chosen narrative.

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