Moog Taurus 1 Restoration

The Moog Taurus 1 is pushing 50 years old!  Enjoy many more years of reliable playing by sending in your T1 for restoration.

Our goal is to help “set the clock back” on the original Moog Taurus 1 synthesizer, providing many more years of reliable use.

Standard Service Includes (but is not limited to):

  • Boards cleaned.
    Includes rust removal, flux removal, dust, etc.
  • Cracked components replaced.
    This includes all types of components where they’ve cracked or been bent to the point of lead fatigue.
  • All electrolytic caps replaced.
    Electrolytic caps, also known as “wet caps” are made with a moist paste inside. Over the years, this paste can dry up or corrode the internal conductors of the cap.  Caps of this type generally have a 15-25 year lifespan. We replace all wet caps during restoration.
  • All carbon resistors tested.
    Most carbon resistors on vintage synths are 35 to 50 years old. Their age causes them to lose value. We test all carbon resistors as a matter of course. All carbon AND metal resistors that are out of the 5% tolerance range will be replaced. We will also replace any metal film resistors that are not
  • Boards inspected and re-soldered.
    A very common source of problems are cracked or cracking solder joints.
    We closely inspect every connection on every board, re-soldering as needed.
  • Installation of our T1 replacement contact board.
    • Retrofitting existing contact board with the same switches used in the replacement board can be an option.  The price is about the same due to the labor involved.
  • Calibration

We are only providing this service for the Moog Taurus 1 Bass Pedals.  We will only take in one synth at a time in order to ensure timely turnaround.

How this Works

  1. You send me your T1 when instructed to.
  2. I restore your T1.
  3. I make sure it’s reliable and send it back.
  4. You enjoy your T1 for many more decades to come.

Price: Starts at $800 for full restoration and contact board replacement/upgrade.  Prices may vary due to the overall condition of the synth when it arrives.

Turnaround Time:  Depends on work needed.

For inquiries, email bills(at)synthfool(dot)com.  ETA to start taking in T1’s <i>one at a time</i> is Fall 2023.

To purchase a T1 kit in the meantime, please email  analogbob (at) gmail (dot) com.

And finally, why send this to me?

I was taught the art of restoration by Kevin Lightner, one of the best vintage synth restorers on the planet.  I would like to help continue his legacy by providing those who own and love T1’s with a quality restoration done to Kevin’s standards using the notes and documents he left behind.  I’ve been selling the contact board (the one product he left me!) for several years, and want to do more to help preserve what versions of this synthesizer that remain on the planet for at least the next half century.  As long as we continue to appreciate music made in the late 20th century, we owe it to musicians to be able to utilize the same tools that their inspirations use.