Giving the Past a Slip

“How was your night, Daphne?”

“I got a little piece of my soul back.”

Just saw the Genesis tribute band perform “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway,” pretty much the way Genesis did when I was a baby.

I had such a wonderful time, and it was very healing for me. I felt like I was also there for a few friends–JB, Golden Ears, Moo, and of course, Kevin. It was an experience I needed to give myself, and this is the perfect time in my life to have this experience.

And that’s really the only way to describe it. As Don Draper said of Hawai’i, “I had an experience.” No, I don’t have pictures, and yes, I actually stayed through the whole thing without taking a pee break. I couldn’t leave because I didn’t want to miss a second. I cried like 4 times. I saw an amazing performance from 5 talented, dedicated Canadians.

Admittedly, Trick of the Tail is my favorite album, but Lamb is second. I was definitely representing the younger end of Gen X. My elder Xers were out en force, and it was wonderful to share this experience with people who have bonded with this music the way I have.

I’m heading in the direction of another growth spurt–to finally process some of the darker bits of Amour Fou I’ve been avoiding dealing with. I’m ready for it. I really should have done this years ago, but at least I’m doing it now.

I need to finally process all of that. I need to feel those feels.

“It’s only at the turning point
That you find out how you fight”

–In The Rapids, Genesis

Remember me when you drink the wine
Of sweet success and I gave you my best
Remember me with every song you sing
Remember me as a good thing

I will, once I deal with the Fou.

Sweetie and Darling are my present and future. I know I’ll be a better partner by dealing with all of this now. It’s so much easier with them in my life.

Enough writing. Time to cuddle with those two. 🙂

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