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Mostly Narrative Freewriting #13

It’s one of those days, man.

They say the times are changing but I just don’t know
These things are gone forever
Over a long time ago, oh yeah

Pretzel Logic, Steely Dan

Live Music Highlights: Devo and The Musical Box. May or may not revisit these in this entry.

My holy trinity still remains my holy trinity. I always seem to seek out The Doors, Devo, and Steely Dan when my soul needs to process many different types of feelings.

…and here I am days later, because I really should finish this because I keep telling myself every few months that I need to start writing more. I do. It’s ok to do so because it’s not a waste of time… it’s not like how it used to be. The point is to articulate the feels so you can attenuate the triggers down the road. I’ve cried less as the years have gone on. But I still cry. That entirely other household and time in my life, you know, the one where I’m the only living thing left from that whole experience? Am I just that tough or was I the crab who got out of the pot? Does it really matter, if it’s only me who’s left? The chill holidays up in the middle of nowhere, and hey, it even snowed a tiny bit our first Christmas! Sigh. Deep breath. Ok. Can’t go back, and don’t really want to. The beginning was the end, right?

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