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Widowhood Season 8.2: Jazz Guitar

5-5-7, Pat Metheny Group, Letter From Home

I will forever associate Pat Metheny with Kevin because he’s the one who would download random songs featuring this wonderful jazz guitarist and play them for me. There are so many songs I could have picked, but I chose this one because it reminds me of Kevin and I working together in Wrightwood, or playing Scrabble, or me reading through “My Show” folder, which was where he saved anything he wanted me to see. (That started in 2001 or 2003. I can’t recollect if it was 9/11 or the fall of Baghdad that prompted the folder to be created. I do know we were still in Toluca Lake.)

When it comes to romantic relationships, art shared and enjoyed by both becomes a part of your unique lexicon. It builds some sort of sense memory that ideally brings out a little dopamine. At least while the times are good. Metheny was one of ours. I also found it quite delightful to dance around to this song after ingesting a bit o’ mary jane. (I learned about the 5 rhythyms a few years before in college, and jazz fusion is soooo lyrical! But this isn’t the place for THAT tangent!)

Sense memory does grief a huge disservice sometimes. There have been times over the past 9 years that I’ve bawled my eyes out to this song and others when it’s lifted my spirits. (All these songs, probably.) It’ll continue to be a favorite, and I guess I’ll feel whatever feels I need to feel when it fills my ears.

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