Mobile Microblog #2

Got bloodwork done after stalling for a few months. But if my doc wants to see me about getting Ibuprofen*, i might as well have bloodwork for her to look at. The butterfly thing gave me a bruise. (My body isn’t fond of giving up blood unless my uterus is involved, thanks to a bout of severe dehydration 1.5 years into my life.)

*Prescription strength ibuprofen is cheaper and more convenient than OTC stuff.

I got a flu shot too, as they had set up a station that was on my way back to the parking structure.

I started reading Brave New World for the first time since college. Interesting how the torture of infants still outrages me, and how creepy selective breeding still is to me. That poor little kid who doesn’t like to be touched was probably asexual. We’ll see what else I notice as I keep reading.

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