Matched set of resistors for classic Moog Minimoog Model D boards

Matched set of resistors for classic Moog Minimoog Model D boards

After several years, we are proud to bring this product back!
Offered only for the VCO board style shown below, this a kit that will improve reliability far beyond your expectations!

All signals fed to the VCOs (keyboard, pitch wheel, octave selectors, modulation, tuning controls, etc) are sent through resistors that mix these signals down for each VCO.
This means that the resistor for VCO 1’s keyboard input must be exactly the same value as the ones for VCO’s 2 & 3 or tracking errors can result.
Moog matched these resistors originally when your Minimoog was first built by choosing 6 sets of 3 resistors each that were exactly the same values.

But over time, these resistors can wander in value and the result is a Mini that won’t track accurately no matter how well it’s calibrated.

As an example, one can check how well their resistors are currently matched for their pitch wheel.
Simply tune all three VCOs exactly the same (zero beat) and move the pitch wheel up or down.
If the VCOs go out of tune with each other at all, this is an indicator that the resistors used for the pitchwheel have wandered in value over the years.

This kit will enable you to replace all of these resistors with brand new, hand-matched precision resistors that feature less drift than the originals.
This assures that each VCO gets the same exact voltages as do the other VCOs and that tracking and low drift are maintained accurately.

Kit includes:
6 individually labeled sets of 3 matched resistors
Note: Resistors are not the same color as the ones in the picture.

Price: $35. Please email bills at synthfool dot com to purchase.
Installation instructions can be found here