Is this the winter of our discontent, or just an early frost? (Freewriting)

Title courtesy of Kevin Gilbert

Yet another whole year that (my, as opposed to the quote source) Kevin’s not been alive. The last full year he was alive was 10 years ago. It’s been 8.5 years since he died. Sweetie was right–you don’t get over it, you just get used to it. Life reminds me of Kevin all through the year. It’s nice to have the music we enjoyed together mixed with music that I’ve discovered since his passing.

Oh yeah I have a new gig I got as a result of “just seeing what’s out there.” WAY closer to home, earlier hours, and a much better work environment. It’s been almost 2 months and I’m much happier. I love the small business environment much better than the corporate thing. Always have.

As I’m rapidly approaching my 50’s, time really does fly so quickly. The turn of the century was over 2 decades ago. I still have trouble grasping just how much of the 21st century has already happened. 2025 will also be me living exactly half my life in the 20th and 21st centuries. Though I’m waiting for 2027 for the big celebration–when I’ve lived longer than Kevin. It’s sort of like a weird survival thing.

Ah, the meowing of a cat while writing and watching TV. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve had cats around this regularly. And we have more baby fish! Very happy about this. And dance class is progressing nicely. Soooo need to work on my core so my back muscles don’t suffer as much.

You know a man loves you when he delivers you OTC pain meds when you get a pain spike. I’m so incredibly happy to have Sweetie in my life. Darling, too. We’ve been a triad for 3 years now–it’s flown by so fast.

My favorite paternal cousin got married one state over. So naturally, I went. Always weird to go to a wedding as a widow. But this was one of my top 3 weddings ever attended. (Yes, #1 is my own.) Had a great time traveling with my Daddy. Still boggles my mind that I remember when he was the age I am now. Quite fortunate to still have both my parents around. The more time marches on, the more do I realize how lucky I am in that regard.

Also feel lucky to have a reasonably normal winter as compared to many of my countryfolk. I’m not fond of being out in the rain, but as a native SoCal-ian, I know it’s needed. I’m even used to the “wow we’re in a drought and oh hey here comes a couple seasons’ worth of rain in one month!” motif that happens.

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